SSI Launches a New Podcast: "Dive Around the World"

Ashley Denton   Apr 20, 2021

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Podcasts date back to the 1980s, starting under the name ‘audio blogging' but didn't take off until the early 2000s. Since 2005, more than 700,000 podcasts have been created, with over 30 million episodes of content. Listening to a podcast is easier than ever since we carry a "podcast player" in our pockets: a smartphone. 


Are you dreaming of diving all day? You're in luck. The new SSI podcast “Dive Around the World” is for all ocean lovers! Listen to inspiring stories about diving, freediving, swimming, lifeguarding, mermaiding and come explore the world's most amazing dive sites and dive travel destinations with SSI. SSI will talk about its passion for the underwater world and about efforts to protect marine areas and the life in it.


Join in to the "Dive Around the World" podcast and immerse yourself in the underwater world until you can dive again!